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In a letter to her sister-in-law, Susan Gilbert, Emily Dickinson wrote "subjects hinder talk." I like that. I’d rather not pick a subject. I’d rather play with indeterminacy, thereby better inviting the collaboration of the viewer into the experience of a painting. No subjects or representations; rather colors and movements and textures - "pictures of nothing" informed by the Japanese practice of "zuihitsu," letting the "wandering brush" - or in my case the painting knife - take me wherever it wants to go.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Three of my paintings are in UAG's

Three of my paintings are in UAG's Midsummer Night's Dream Exhibit, opening this evening and running through July 26th.

scene from the airship I
acrylic on galvanized steel attached to plexiglass with nuts, bolts, & spacers